Choki Traditional Art School
Choki Art School
"Empowering the unprivileged youth as custodians of distinct culture"
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"The school provides a solid background and a skill level that makes the graduates able to generate income and become self employed"
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By Linda Leaming

"Organizations like the CTAS play an invaluable role in preserving and rejuvenating traditional arts and crafts before these forms of cultural identity are forgotten"
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By James Mayer


Dear Readers,

Kuzu-Zangpola and welcome to the Choki Traditional Art School website.

Choki Traditional Art School (CTAS) is a private traditional art school established in 1999 by Dasho Choki Dorji in commemoration of His Majesty’s, the fourth King’s Silver Jubilee to help children of broken and economically disadvantaged families. The school offers free education, food and lodging. The school initially started with 5 students in a small building in Kawangjangsa, Thimphu. It is now located at Kabesa 10 kilometers north of Thimphu city.

Today we have 165 students (116 boys & 49 girls) out of which 18 students are studying as day scholar while the rest are boarding students. We have 19 members of staff at the school today. The students come from different dzongkhags (districts) of Bhutan and have varying educational backgrounds. Some are school drop outs from classes 4- 10 and some have not been to school at all. The school provides courses in Lhadri (painting), Jinzo (sculpting; currently not being taught), Pap (carving), Thag-Zo (weaving), Tailoring and Tshem-Zo (embroidery). In addition, the school also teach basic english, maths and dzongkha(native language). Starting from 2011 the school started special course on computers. The course will be gradually expended to include skills in graphic design for the students.

Sustaining the school is our greatest challenge. We try to finance the school through funds raised by selling artifacts made by our senior students . However, students leaving the school at the senior level before completing the full course have affected the funds. They are not sufficient to cover the expenditure of the school. We therefore depend on external support to keep the school running. The school receives support from the Himalayan_Youth_Foundation (HYF) who helped with infrastructure facilities and provided funds to fill the budgetary gaps. Since the begining of May 2010 the Fontana Foundation from Switzerland took over the role as main supporter of the school, while HYF continues to raise funds for the school.

On behalf of CTAS, I take this opportunity to thank and express my heartiest appreciation to all the well wishers and supporters of CTAS for their valuable contributions to the school. This generosity and magnanimity provided by the well wishers and supporters have given new hope and life to the students at CTAS. The children will always remember their kindness and charity.

Sonam Choki


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